Call for application: Specialist/specialist group to evaluate and support building up a strategy and a project proposal for funding for the “Farmers co-operate in agriculture production and business” Forum.

“Farmers co-operate in agriculture production and business” Forum (from henceforth “the Forum”)- an initiative by the Department for Economic Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), The Agriculture Coalition and Oxfam, was established on 30th July 2015. The Forum gathers the participation of more than 200 representative agriculture co-operatives across the country and is a place for farmers and co-operatives share experience and co-operates with one another and with planning departments in the field of agriculture.

With financial and technical support from Oxfam, the Forum has built up strategic activities in the first few years as well as organized various events such as courses on  business planning, visits to modeled farms, executive trainings and online consulting for the members, giving opinions on Draft on the Enterprise Law, Investment law and Co-operative Law….


With the aim to further develop the Forum in the next phase, the Forum and the Agriculture Coalition call for financial support from donors for the Forum’s activities (phase 2017-2020). To promote this goal, the Agriculture Coalition is in need of 01 specialist/specialist group to evaluate and support building up a strategy and a project proposal for funding of the Forum. The specialists are expected to work for 01 month (22 working days Ha Noi and on fieldtrip

Expected outcomes include:

  • 01 report on the Forum’s activities from December 2015 to March 2016;
  • 01 detailed Strategic Proposal phase 2017-2020 (2 main topics are core strategic activities and funding strategies);
  • 01 detailed Project proposal phase 2017-2020 (attachment Appendix 1);
  • 2-3 Concept notes to approach different donors for the Forum’s priority issues

More details here: TOR_eng.

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