VAPF No.8: Advocate the effective implementation of Food Safety in Farming – The case of antibiotics and banned substances

On 9th November morning, Southern Center for Agriculture Policy and Strategy (SCAP) – a member of the Agriculture Coalition- held Viet Nam Agriculture Policy Forum (VAPF) no.8 “Advovate the effective implementation of Food Safety in Farming – The case of antibiotics and banned substances”. This is the 8th in a series of events organized by Viet Nam Agriculture Policy Forum (VAPF) – The Agriculture Coalition.


Opening the conference, PhD. Nguyen Duc Loc – Director of the Center for Agriculture and Rural Policy and Strategy (Trung tâm Chính sách và chiến lược Nông nghiệp nông thôn Việt Nam) presented a research paper “Impact of banned substance residue and antibiotic on meat and consumers’ health” According to PhD. Nguyen Duc Loc, commercial chicken farms used antibiotics at higher dose than allowed. Besides, commercial pig farms also report higher dose of antibiotics used than allowed 2 to 4 times. Specifically, up to 62 per cent of the surveyed farms report having used antibiotics at a small dose to stimulate growth.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Loc

Msc. Vo Van Ninh – former lecturer at  Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (Nong Lam University  HCMC) said that controlling the use of antibiotics is ineffective because it has not solve the roots of the problem. The reason for this ineffectiveness is the need to uses high and powerful dose of antibiotic to kill off the bacteria

bMSc. Vo Van Ninh

As the root of the problem is the control and management of bacteria invaded through borders  checking ( illegal import of vaccines, animals organs..) still contain bacteria from the export countries. According to Mr. Ninh, stricter technical barriers on farming condition and nutrition may  solve the incidence of farmers using banned substance and antibiotics.

Msc. Dao Duc Huan – Director of, said that current regulations have not included rules to trace back the origins of the production chain. There has not been a synchronous management of food safety and vetting. Besides, the management of tracing back the origins in small farms is difficult; the extent of checking and tracing back pose as a cumbersome and difficult process.

gMSc. Dao Duc Huan

PhD. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, former deputy director of Ministry of Fisheries, said the use of antibiotics is inevitable. It’s important to have strict control and management over the use of antibiotics to avoid abusive use of the substances. According to Ms. Minh, current management  system makes it hard to control food safety as there are many departments take part in regulating and managing which leads to overlap of control.

ePhD. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh

Msc. Bui Huy Binh – had a discussion on “Solutions to food safety tracing origins and information transparency for producers and consumers”. This is the solution that allow direct consumers collect complete information on food, tracing back from the final product to its origin, tracing every step in the production and distribution process. This will complement benefits to food safety procedures


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