About VAPF

VAVietnam Agricultural Policy Forum (VAPF) is the forum of the Agriculture Coalition. VAPF inludes series of events organized by the Agriculture Coalition, which aims to bring in the participation of researchers, managers, policy makers, famers and media to discuss on Vietnam’s key agricultural issues. The Viet Nam Annual Agricultural Policy Forum is organized at the end of each year.

“Agriculture Coalition (The Coalition for Farmer’s Right and Effectiveness of Vietnamese Agriculture)  is the network of enthusiastic individuals and organizationsone working for the farmer’s right and effectiveness of Vietnamese agriculture. Leading by senior experts and leading organizations in agriculture, the Agriculture Coalition will conduct research activities and use mass media to provide all society class the infomation on the current status of the agriculture as well as essential changes for the development of Vietnamese Agriculture.”

Members of the Agriculture Coalition


Objectives of VAPF

  • Create a platform for exchanging information, reviewing policies, suggesting innovative ideas and solutions for agricultural sector;
  • Enhance the voice of farmers in policy making and implementation;
  • Improve the effectiveness of agricultural policy making and implementation;

Key speakers of VAPF – members of the Agriculture CoalitionpeopleHow to participate VAPF

  • Participate and discuss at VAPF’s events
  • Register to share your views and researches at VAPF’s events
  • Individuals and organizations actively participate in VAPF and share the same vision with the Agriculture Coalition are invited to be official members of the Coalition


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